Terms & Conditions


  1. No liability will be accepted for any injury or damage caused by any item sold by House2House.
  2. No liability will be accepted for any damage to any item being sold by House2House on a commission basis on behalf of a client.
  3. No liability will be accepted for any injury sustained by clients whilst on the House2House premises.


  1. All goods sold by House2House are sold ‘as seen’ and any description of condition on the House2House web-site or within the showroom is for guidance only.
  2. House2House try to identify, label and describe goods as accurately as they are able. however they accept no liability for any inaccuracy.
  3. All goods are sold ‘used’ and accordingly may have faults and imperfections.
  4. Despite the best efforts of H2H staff errors of description will occasionally occur so the buyers are encouraged to use their own judgement to assess an item’s worth.
  5. Items sold are likely to have been subject to wear and tear caused by use or by the effects of age and may, therefore, have faults and imperfections.
  6. Buyers are given ample opportunity to examine items and H2H assumes they have done so. Buyers must rely on their own skill and judgement as to whether items are fit for any particular purpose and as to compliance with the description or illustration.


  1. House2House do not accept any plastic cards. We are happy to accept cash, Portuguese cheques or Bank Transfers.
  2. Payment in full for goods will protect those goods from resale until the client accepts delivery or collects the goods within one calendar month. If the client fails to accept delivery or collect the goods within this timeframe the payment will be retained and the goods resold.
  3. No item may be reserved unless an acceptable deposit is left.
  4. Deposits will reserve items for an agreed period of time only. Generally 1 week maximum. If the client fails to take delivery or collect the goods in the agreed time House2House reserve the right to retain the deposit and to re-sell the goods.


  1. We charge for delivery of all items to the GROUND FLOOR, Front Door. See Delivery Charges Notice.
  2. We reserve the right to apply an additional charge for less straightforward deliveries e.g. the assembly of furniture on the client’s premises and delivery to upper floors. It is the client’s responsibility to inform House2House, at the time of purchase, of any special delivery requirements. If this is not done we reserve the right to abort the delivery and to retain any deposit.